Terms and Conditions

1. The Product

The Business Aviation INSIGHT (in the following named as “INSIGHT”) is a product which provides Business Aviation market analysis, from data gained and processed by the publisher WINGX Advance GmbH (in the following named as “WINGX Advance”). It is updated on a monthly basis and provided in .pdf format via email.

2. General Terms and Conditions

In order to subscribe to the INSIGHT, the general terms and conditions must be accepted. WINGX Advance will inform its subscribers about changes within these general terms and conditions on its website www.wingx-advance.com.

3. Data Accuracy

The content provided by the INSIGHT is gained, processed and delivered with utmost care. Nevertheless WINGX Advance is not liable for the correctness of the data and content provided. Moreover WINGX Advance is not liable for any recipients’ decision made, based on any written or illustrated INSIGHT content. Should an issue contain any inaccuracy, WINGX Advance will send notification as soon as the failure becomes obvious. WINGX Advance is obliged to send a corrected version as soon as possible.

4. Product Usage

The INSIGHT recipient is permitted to use, publish and forward excerpts taken from the Business Aviation INSIGHT, as long as for any of those purposes, WINGX Advance is clearly indicated as the original source. Excerpts taken from the INSIGHT may only be published with correct issue date clearly mentioned. INSIGHT recipients are not permitted to forward the received file to any third party on a commercial basis. Should the INSIGHT be published as a whole or as part of a commercial service agreement, existing between an original recipient and third party, the original recipient is obliged to ask WINGX Advance for permission.

5. Unauthorized Modification

INSIGHT recipients are not permitted to modify illustrations or written content within the file.

6. Privacy

WINGX Advance will not sell, share or rent the subscriber’s personal information to any third party or use your email address for purposes other than those being related to existing service agreements.

7. Delay

WINGX Advance will do its utmost to deliver the INSIGHT in a timely manner, before the 10th day of each following month. Should a certain issue become delayed, WINGX Advance will aim to send an awareness note as soon as the delay happens to become obvious. Should the INSIGHT be delayed for more that 20 days, WINGX Advance will reimburse the recipient for the affected issue.

8. Cancellation of certain issues

Should WINGX Advance be forced to cancel certain issues, WINGX Advance will send notification to the recipient’s email account as soon as the cancellation becomes necessary. WINGX Advance will reimburse the recipient for cancelled INSIGHT issues. WINGX Advance will process refunds within 4 weeks of cancellation.

9. Cancellation of the product

WINGX Advance has the right to discontinue the INSIGHT at any time without stating a reason. Nonetheless WINGX Advance will inform its clients regarding a cancellation of the INSIGHT as soon as the upcoming cancellation becomes obvious. WINGX Advance will process refunds for issues undelivered due to product-cancellation within 4 weeks of cancellation.

10. Contract Period and Renewing

The INSIGHT offers three terms of subscription: 1 month (“one off”); 3 months (quarterly); and12 months (annual). The 3 month contract can be cancelled at any time, otherwise it renews automatically. The 12 month contract can be cancelled at 3 months’ notice, otherwise it renews automatically.

11. Terms of Payment

The INSIGHT is payable via the online payment platform linked to the WINGX Advance website subscription, or wire transfer within 10 days after receipt of invoice. In case of delayed payment, WINGX Advance has the right to put the delivery on hold or cancel the service agreement.

12. General Awareness

The INSIGHT recipient is invited to report any obvious or hidden failure within the INSIGHT’s content to WINGX Advance directly and in writing to office@wingx-advance.com. WINGX Advance will make best efforts to respond, and as appropriate correct the analysis with immediate effect.

13. Place of Jurisdiction

The registered jurisdiction of the INSIGHT’s publisher, WINGX Advance, is Hamburg, Germany.

14. Data Definitions:

›All data analysis is carried out by WINGX Advance through our proprietary activity tracking and data processing methodology.
›We cover all types of private (owner) and commercial (AOC) flight. AOC flights include charter and special mission activity such as medical flights.
›Flight activity analysis pertains to all IFR registered flights within Eurocontrol/FAA territories and between Eurocontrol/FAA territories and the rest of the world.
›The analysis covers all single and multi engine business aviation aircraft categories: Jets, Turboprops and Pistons, equating to 281 aircraft types.
›The analysis is shown for the preceding calendar month; it is compared to the previous year same month (YOY or Year on Year),  and to the current total activity for the year (YTD or Year to Date).

15. Editorial office:

WINGX Advance GmbH
Conventstr. 8 – 10
D – 22089 Hamburg
Telephone: +49 40 32 84 69 78
Fax : +49 40 32 84 69 79
E Mail: office@wingx-advance.com
Web: www.wingx-advance.com