WINGX Business Aviation Monitor – November 2016: Sluggish overall, but business jet charter on the increase

December 7, 2016 4:15 pm

There were 58,111 business aviation departures in Europe in November 2016, 0.8% growth in YOY activity. In six of 11 months so far this year there has been some YOY growth, although the YTD trend is still trailing 2015 by 0.2%.


The YOY trend in November was offset by declines in Turboprop and Piston activity; Business Jet flights were up 3% in November and now have a positive 12 month rolling average, with Small Jet activity providing most of the growth.


Business aviation flights from Western Europe were up in November, bolstered by growth in UK, France and Italy, which outweighed  declines in Germany, Switzerland and Spain. Southern Europe was flat this month, and Eastern Europe slightly down.


YOY growth in AOC flights exceeded 10% in France and Italy, and were up 4% in the UK, in contrast to flat or declining Private flights in all 3 markets. Germany had the largest overall decline, 297 fewer flights YOY. Spain saw the biggest AOC decline, -8% YOY.


Elsewhere in Europe, largest declines came in Poland and Belgium. Declines in Turkey and Russia have bottomed out; respectively down 3% and 1% this month. There was substantial growth this month in the Nordics, also in Portugal and Czech Republic.


Private flights declined 1% YOY, although this was due to a big drop in Piston activity; both Jet and Turboprop activity increased slightly. So far this year, overall Private flights have declined in most months, in contrast to AOC activity, mostly gaining.


Increased AOC flights is evident in growth of Cessna, Beechcraft, Bombardier, Embraer and Gulfstream activity. Bombardier aircraft YOY activity was strongest in Heavy and Super midsize. In contrast to Dassault and Gulfstream, Bombardier ULR activity declined.


Across the fleet, ULR activity continued to increase in November, flight hours up 6% YOY. SMJ, SLJ and LJ segments also saw increased flying, although the outstanding growth this month came in the VLJ segment, sectors increasing 20% YOY.


Business aviation activity was down at the top airports this month, including Le Bourget, Geneva, and especially Farnborough. Nice was an exception, with >15% YOY growth in departures. AOC activity was also strong at Linate and Munich.