WINGX Market Tracker, 27th March

27 Mar 2020

Through Thursday 26th March, business jet flight activity was down by 21% compared to the first 26 days of March in 2019. Europe and Asia are hardest hit, both markets down by more than 25%, although North America has registered the biggest loss, 24,026 fewer s...

WINGX Market Tracker, as of 25th March

25 Mar 2020

Business aviation flights to and from Europe are down by 24% so far in March 2020 compared to the same days in March 2019. The slowdown accelerated into a slump last week, with flight activity over the most recent weekend falling by 70%.

WINGX Market Tracker, as of 24th March

24 Mar 2020

Business aviation activity has slowed to a trickle as Europe has become the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic. Flights during this past weekend were down more than 70%. Just under 500 flights were operated on Sunday 22nd March, compared to more than 1,500 in an averag...

WINGX Market Tracker, as of 17th March

17 Mar 2020

Overall, business aviation flight activity in Europe is down by 6.9% during the first 17 days of March period, compared with the same period in March 2019. There have been big fluctuations day-day, and a trend towards severe overall decline during the last few days.

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