Type of Customer:
Ground Based Supplier

The challenge

The WINGX team were approached by a ground-based supplier who wanted to keep track of all customer and prospect operator’s information. Specifically – fleet distribution; mission types; parked and active; based and transient; trending utilisation; fuel uplift and revenue; weight and wing dimension; busiest connections and market share.

Questions answered

Through our bespoke data dashboards we were able to show how top customers contributed to the business. We were also able to show where operators fleets are based and how often they visit the airport. At the airport we were able to show which FBO they used, what their interactivity within the network was and how long they stayed for.

Overall benefits

After successfully implementing our dashboard in their daily operations, the customer was able to allocate resources dynamically to their most valuable customers, remain on top of all tenders and contract negotiations, be the first to spot new prospects, identify best-fit new locations and quantify the projected fuel uplift.


Dr. Holger Lipowsky, Partner

Aerospace & Defense | Roland Berger: Strategy consulting firm

"WINGX is a highly valuable partner for us in collaborating on strategic projects in the aviation sector. The team around Richard and Christoph has built an unrivalled source of information for detailed, up-to-date fleet and flight activity data that has helped us in many projects to deliver high quality, fact-based advise to our clients"

David Bergold, Chief Commercial Officer

Air Hamburg

"Air Hamburg has been using WINGX for more than five years and has found their insights and data to be an invaluable help with our steep growth curve in this time. Their data has directly guided our decision-making processes in the choice of new aircraft fleet acquisitions and seasonal planning. We have enjoyed working with Richard, Christoph and their team immensely and find each interaction with them brings new ideas to the table. We look forward to continuing our work with them and would wholeheartedly recommend their product within the business aircraft operator space. "

Bernhard Fragner, CEO

GlobeAir: Charter Operator

"We have worked with WINGX many years and much appreciate their dashboard tools which help us to monitor our market performance, optimise our demand management, and to evaluate new growth opportunities. Richard and Christoph delivered always what they promised including "Passion into Profession"

David Best, Senior Vice President and General Manager

Jet Aviation: Global Business Aviation Services Company

"The global market insight WingX provides is a key tool for managing through the changing dynamics of our market in a timely manner"

Andy Patsalides, Head of marketing

London Biggin Hill Airport: Leading UK business aviation hub

"WINGX provision of incisive business intelligence, operational analysis and performance dashboards in particular as well as their ability to turn around research, analysis and recommendations is second to none, enabling London Biggin Hill Airport to make insightful and profitable decisions."

Alasdair Whyte, Founder & Editor

Corporate Jet Investor: industry’s leading media and conference hub

"Business aviation is full of opinions and anecdote, but WINGX gives us real data, benchmarking and insight. It is a vital source for anyone who wants to know what is really happening in business aviation. "

James Rolls, CEO

PrivateJet Media

"I thought I'd drop you a note to express my appreciation to WingX and your provision of valuable thought leadership on the direction our industry is taking. Your dashboard tool gives us forensic guidance on new market opportunities that we can relay to our Luxury advertising partners and agencies. Keep up the good work as we steer through these uncertain times. "

Adam Twidell, CEO

PrivateFly: Charter Broker

"Private aviation delivers the ultimate in travel efficiency to our clients but ironically, in terms of market intelligence, we have been very weak historically as a travel sector. WingX has been a breath of fresh air with both their products and people skills. My browser launches with the WingX dashboard on start-up. I am blind to the industry trends without it by my side."

John “Cy” Farmer, Chief Operating Officer

Ross Aviation

"We have been using WINGX market intelligence services for a number of years and we particularly value the way in which their dashboards enable us to track the competitive context and trends in the North American FBO market. We have used other services in the past but none can compare to the level of service and detail that WINGX provides! "

Mike McCready, President

World Jet Group: Industry Consultant

"Thank you Richard and Christoph for all the work you do pull this toghether. For those of us who live in the moment, this data is priceless. Thank you! "

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