Cargo Aviation demand endures pandemic

12 Aug 2021

12/08/21 – WINGX’s Cargo Aviation Bulletin

All Insights drawn via WINGX Monthly Insight Dashboard

Cargo Aviation April 2021 Overview

7 May 2021


In April 2021 global cargo departures were up 9% compared to April 2019.
Flight hours were up 19% vs April 2019.
The average sector length was up 9% vs April 2019.

Cargo sector shows resilience despite Covid-19 pandemic

9 Mar 2021

Despite the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on global aviation, the cargo market appears to be the most resilient sector. In 2020 air cargo departures grew by 0.2% on 2019 levels, a stark contrast to scheduled commercial departures -50% YOY and business aviation departur...

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