Scheduled Aviation Snapshot Week 16 2021 vs Week 16 2019

28 Apr 2021

As previously reported in our Business Aviation bulletin, scheduled airline traffic is much slower to catch up with pre-pandemic traffic levels.

Scheduled Aviation Snapshot 2021 Week 11 vs Week 11 2019

24 Mar 2021

With a sharp rise in national lockdowns across European countries mid-March 2020, all our comparisons are 2021 vs 2019. We believe this comparison is more informative, given the rapid decline in aviation traffic at the beginning of the pandemic. Unless stated otherwise, w...

Europe and North America traffic is down, but new routes appear to be emerging

3 Mar 2021

According to WINGX tracker:

In February 2021, 143,709 flights departed European airports, down 74% on 2020 traffic levels. 5,651 aircraft were active across 177 airlines in February and flew an average sector length of ...

Commercial airline activity continues to buckle, especially in Europe

17 Feb 2021

For the first 5 weeks of 2021 global scheduled airline traffic was down 50.8% on 2020 levels. Just under 19,000 aircraft were active and operated just over 1.3 million flights. The Covid-19 pandemic has had significant effect on scheduled aviation in Europe, arguably the ...

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