How long has WINGX been around?

WINGX has been providing market intelligence solutions since 2010. Richard and Christoph leveraged their respective backgrounds in the industry – in business development and operations – to build the vision for WINGX data and analytics.

Where does WINGX source its data?

WINGX has developed its primary market intelligence through gathering, processing and packaging flight data from ATC authorities in Europe, North America and Asia. Recently WINGX has also added ADSB and mode-S data, to extend coverage to global IFR and VFR aircraft movements.

Is WINGX flight coverage global?

WINGX has comprehensive data coverage of IFR fixed wing activity in North America and Europe. Coverage outside these areas is increasing rapidly as ATC transmissions become more accessible. WINGX has partial coverage of rotary operations.

Is WINGX focused only on flight activity analysis?

No; WINGX connects the unique signature of every aircraft movement to thousands of other data points regarding the profile of the aircraft – type, configuration, age, operator, owner, register, engine, avionics – and related performance insights – from fuel uplift to charter generation, from direct operating costs to landing and handling fees.

Is WINGX just about data?

No; WINGX can provide instant data availability, but our main purpose is to help our customers get insights from our data which create valuable competitive advantages for their businesses. We facilitate this through powerful online, interactive dashboards. Beyond that, our background in aircraft operations, product development and business strategy means we can offer valuable consulting services.

Is WINGX just about private jets?

WINGX captures flights activity and extracts associated analysis for all global unscheduled aviation, going well beyond just the movements of private jets. Furthermore, WINGX monitors scheduled aviation activity, and provides insights on this sector as well, even if not currently part of our core business.

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