How long has WINGX been around?

WINGX has been providing market intelligence solutions since 2010. Richard and Christoph leveraged their respective backgrounds in the industry – in business development and operations – to build the vision for WINGX data and analytics.

Does WINGX integrate customer data sources?

WINGX dashboard platforms have a wide range of integration options, and many WINGX customers integrate operational and transactions data to enable performance and market share to be monitored against market and metrics on the dashboard.

Is WINGX flight coverage global?

WINGX provides global coverage of fixed wing business aviation activity in North America and Europe.

​Is WINGX focused only on flight activity analysis?

​Is WINGX focused only on flight activity analysis?

​Is WINGX just about data and dashboards?

No; WINGX can provide instant data availability, but our main purpose is to help our customers get insights from our data which create valuable competitive advantages for their businesses. We facilitate this through powerful online, interactive dashboards. Beyond that, our background in aircraft operations, product development and business strategy means we can offer valuable consulting services.

What does WINGX Market Intelligence cover?

WINGX intelligence covers a wide range of market insights which are derived from flight activity and fleet operations in the global business aviation sector. WINGX also has access to flight records in Commercial, Cargo and other Hybrid sectors.

What other Intelligence does WINGX offer?

WINGX also derives analysis of operations and market values, from its monitoring of market fleet activity. For example, WINGX dashboards show ‘metrics’ in terms of fuel uplift, charter revenues, parking times, and addressable handling revenues.

Where does WINGX source its flight data?

WINGX has developed its primary market intelligence through gathering, processing and engineering flight and fleet data from a range of global Air Traffic Control (ATC and ANSP) and ADSB sources.


Which products are available to purchase on the WINGX Shop?

You can review and purchase 3 products: the TRACKER dashboard, the INSIGHT dashboard, and the MONITOR report.

What is the TRACKER dashboard?

The TRACKER provides a dashboard with a global daily update of business aviation traffic including all sectors flown, by aircraft OEM and type, and by Operator Type.

What is the INSIGHT dashboard?

The INSIGHT provides a dashboard with the same view, monthly updated, with deep historical trends, and lots more insight into granular detail such as airport pair connections, aircraft registers, sector lengths, etc.

What is the MONITOR report?

The MONITOR provides a PDF, published monthly, to capture the evolution of business aviation flight activity by region from month to month, and also relates business aviation activity to global macro trends.

How do I subscribe?

Simple month-to-month subscription process including Stripe payment option. The SHOP will provide you with instructions, and we will respond to any questions directly to our team as soon as possible.

How do I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe to any of our products at any time and you only pay for the current month. The SHOP will provide you with instructions, and we will respond to any questions directly to our team as soon as possible.

Are there other WINGX products?

WINGX provide a wide range of products, from data-streams to customised dashboards and research reports, as well as tailored market surveys, forecasts and specialised consulting support.

Are there any discounts available for the MONITOR products?

Through partnerships between WINGX and EBAA/BBGA, EBAA/BBGA members get 15% discount to WINGX dashboard pricing, available through a discount code which is provided by EBAA/BBGA.


Bernhard Fragner, CEO

GlobeAir: Charter Operator

"We have worked with WINGX many years and much appreciate their dashboard tools which help us to monitor our market performance, optimise our demand management, and to evaluate new growth opportunities. Richard and Christoph delivered always what they promised including "Passion into Profession"

Adam Twidell, CEO

PrivateFly: Charter Broker

"Private aviation delivers the ultimate in travel efficiency to our clients but ironically, in terms of market intelligence, we have been very weak historically as a travel sector. WingX has been a breath of fresh air with both their products and people skills. My browser launches with the WingX dashboard on start-up. I am blind to the industry trends without it by my side."