28 Oct 2020

Dashboard Champion

As our dashboard champion, you will be managing the scoping, planning, building and refining of the WINGX core market intelligence product, the WINGX dashboards. 

You will be working closely on one hand with the data-team, integrating our analytics, and on the other hand, the products team, to ensure that insights are being effectively communicated to customers. 

For this position, we are looking for someone who has already established a good track-record over a few years´ work experience in a role which has been oriented around data-analysis and data-visualisation tools. 

Any experience in our industry, aviation, would be a great plus. But most of all we need someone with a passion for unlocking business intelligence and a sense of adventure to work with a small entrepreneurial team with big goals.

This is the kind of person we are looking for: 

  • Be very hands on 
  • Be creative, persistent and use you initiative 
  • Technically minded 
  • Strong attention to detail 
  • Possess strong decision making ability 
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience working with data
  • Have previous experience or desire to work in aviation 

And these are a few examples of the many varied tasks: 

  • Managing the integration of data and analytics onto the dashboards in the most efficient design, from the point of view of system utilisation and customer experience
  • Managing the feedback from customer and WINGX sales teams to ensure that dashboards are constantly refined and improved for customers’ purpose
  • Taking lead on new dashboard features, functionality, insights, and new dashboards, based on availability of WINGX data and feedback from customers
  • Monitoring the performance of WINGX dashboards in terms of platform efficiency and customer utilisation, and recommending operational and customer-facing intervention to facilitate constant product improvement


WINGX is an established start-up company with a technology-based approach to providing actionable market intelligence to the global business aviation industry. We sell our services through a SAAS model. We are a small team with an informal management structure, generous compensation, great working environment, tons of enthusiasm and ambitious goals. 

As WINGX is growing fast, we expect the Dashboard Champion to create a supporting team of data and design analysts within the next 12 months.

Other Information

The role will be based at our main office in Hamburg, Germany, and will report directly to the Managing Director of WINGX operations.

Salary – competitive remuneration, negotiable

Closing date – March 15th

PLEASE NOTE – We will process candidates applications as we receive them, we will close the job advert before the closing date if a suitable candidate is found. 

The Plan

Phase 1: In the initial 6 month period the role will be focused on understanding WINGX products, our data-sources and the industry data in which we work

 • Getting a holistic understanding of WINGX’ current view of product range, including currently-operational dashboards and prototype designs

 • Getting a rapid and complete understanding of the dashboard functionality, scope and data, covering both UX and UI 

 • Taking the lead in implementing pre-planned dashboard design changes

 • Updating dashboards with new data sources on a daily basis

 • Monitoring and mastering the utilisation reporting on customer use of dashboards

 • Participating in calls with customers on dashboard experience and sharing in customer feedback

 • Become well-informed on WINGX addressable market and cross-section of WINGX customer types, and their market intelligence requirements

Phase 2: following the induction period, you will play a key role in managing dashboard implementation and design

 • Driving the roadmap for our suite of dashboards and underlying KPIs, reports and data reports for all global customers

 • Become the dashboard product owner, develop visualizations and create insight narratives which:

 • align with the capabilities of our tech platform 

 • address the underlying and evolving needs of our customers

 • Develop deep partnership with the data team and be the thought-partner on  product capabilities

 • Collaborate with our tech partners, including software provider, to develop, optimize and align BI solutions to meet business needs in WINGX growth plan

How to apply

Please send your application via email to richard.koe@wingx-advance.com with subject line ‘Dashboard Champion’ and attach:

  • CV in English
  • Covering letter in English
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