11 Oct 2018
Owner flights boost growth in September
BlueSky Business Aviation News

Le Bourget continued to see strong growth, departures up by 14% YOY. LFMN, EGLF, LIRA and EGKB also had strong growth. Heavy declines at EGGW, LSGG and LSZH. Flights out of LIEO were up by 22%, with 65% of these departures as Charter/AOC.

Richard Koe, Managing Director of WINGX Advance, comments: “This month saw European business aviation trends return to strong growth, flights up by 4% in the busiest ever September. There was a distinctive pattern to the activity, with relatively strong growth in Private flights, whilst Charter flights are tailing off after the summer. Very Light Jet activity has slumped since the demise of Blink, but Light Jet demand is still strong, especially in the Charter market. Large Jet activity was flat, notably declining in the UK, mainly effective at Luton.”

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