19 Jan 2019
WingX records a mixed bag for European private jet travel in 2018
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For the full year 2018, 13 of the 20 largest markets in Europe were up, although, of the biggest, only Germany and Spain got robust growth, according to a press release from WingX. Activity has clearly slowed in the second half in UK, France, Italy. The biggest declines, according to WingX came from Russia and Turkey.

In December Large Jet activity was sharply down falling by 6% year over year (YOY), with biggest declines in France, Germany, Switzerland, and Sweden. Small and Midsize Jet traffic also declined to drop 3%. Large and Small Jets showed fully year trends of around 1.5% growth. Flight activity within Europe was flat in December, with a big gain in arrivals from North America and a drop-off in flights from Africa, CIS region, Middle East.

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