1 Oct 2018
WingX sees business aviation activity growth pick up in September
Business Air News

According to WingX’s latest monthly Business Aviation Monitor there were 83,848 business aviation departures in Europe this month, representing 4% growth YOY, slightly ahead of YTD trend. 63% of this month’s activity was jet-operated, this activity increasing 3% YOY. The last 12 month trends are now strongest in Medium Jet category.

UK and Switzerland had slight declines in departures this month, although both have YTD trends of around 3%. France and Germany had solid growth around 5%, with the strongest growth this month coming from Italy and Spain, respectively 7% and 9%. Some smaller markets had strong growth, with business aviation activity up by 10% in Netherlands and Ireland, 22% from Croatia. Activity out of Finland was up by 60%, mainly Prop and Piston. Flights out of Turkey slumped by 15% this month.

Large Jet activity was up only 1% this month, with flat trends in France and Germany, and a 5% decline in the UK, 8% declining out of London. But Large Jet activity was up by 5% in Switzerland, 9% in Italy, 18% YOY from Spain. Flights operated within Europe were up 4% this month, and flights to North America bounced back with 5% YOY increase, against 1% YTD decline. Flights to Middle East dropped off by 20%, trailing 11% YTD. Flights to Africa are trending up by 8% YTD.

Charter/AOC activity was up by 2% YOY, weaker than recent trend. France and Germany were the busiest markets, trending around 3.5%. Spain, Italy and Netherlands had strongest growth in Charter/AOC. Out of the UK, Charters declined 6% YOY.

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