WINGX Partners

European Business Aviation Association

WINGX work with EBAA in providing to EBAA members a monthly-updated report and dashboard on the European business aviation market, including economic value, employment, fleet size, and flight activity.

EBAA members can access these reports in terms of the Business Aviation Tracker here and the ESTAT dashboard here. In addition, EBAA members are entitled through this partnership to a 15% discount on WINGX INSIGHT products, described here. Through partnerships between WINGX and EBAA, EBAA members get a discount to WINGX dashboard pricing, available through a discount code which is provided by EBAA.

The Air Charter Association

WINGX work with ACA in providing ACA members with a global TRACKER dashboard which monitors and analyses worldwide business aviation movements.

ACA members have exclusive access to a free version of the Basic version of the dashboard here, and are also entitled to 40% discount to the Premium version of this dashboard here. Free and discount codes for each of the versions can be requested here.

Osprey Flight Solutions

WINGX work with Osprey in providing daily updates on country-country flight numbers for scheduled, cargo and business aviation activity globally, available on Osprey: Open platform here.

British Business and General Aviation Association

WINGX work with BBGA in providing weekly summaries of UK business aviation activity, distributed by BBGA.

A sample can be viewed here.

Through partnerships between WINGX and BBGA, BBGA members get a discount to WINGX dashboard pricing, available through a discount code which is provided by BBGA.

Asian Sky Group

WINGX works with Asia Sky Group, the foremost media and consulting organization for business aviation in Asia, informing a global audience on the evolution of the fixed-wing aircraft market in this region. WINGX provides flight tracking and market analysis services to ASG, with highlights featured in ASG´s globally published Quarterly Reviews.

AirInsight Group

WINGX is partnering with AirInsight Group to develop analytics and data visualisation around operational economics for business aviation fleets. Collaborative products will shortly become available.

Private Jet Comparisons

Private Jet Comparisons is a platform for tracking and analysing competitive card-based products in the global business aviation market. PJC’s expert team help private jet customers and operators research and identify the best solutions for their flying needs.