The Daily TRACKER provides you with a daily-updated dashboard on all business aviation flights operated globally.


This coverage includes:


  • High-level summary of total sectors flown and flight hours operators, active fleet of aircraft and airports.
  • Distribution of activity by Region and Country, and between Regions and Countries, down to Airport location.
  • Trends in aircraft activity by Jet and Prop category, by aircraft segment (cabin, range), and aircraft types.
  • Split trends in mission activity qualified by Operator Type including Fractional, Branded Charter and Aircraft Management.


The dashboard is intuitively interactive, populated by a range of charts, tables and maps.


Through WINGX partnership with ACA, ACA members can get a free version of this dashboard.

Please let us know if you would like a Demo. Alternatively, you can directly register here.


The Business Aviation INSIGHT provides an interactive dashboard platform through which users can capture and explore global trends in business aviation flight activity.


A range of different chapters cover overall market trends by month in the last 2 years; activity by airports, and trends in airport and country connections; utilisation by aircraft segment, type and model; day-day activity identifying busiest hours at airports, in terms of landings, take-offs, and # of aircraft: mission analysis, whether commercial, private, ambulance, fractional or maintenance; as well as leading operators, fleet sizes and aircraft bases.

Sign up to the INSIGHT and get online dashboard via a personalised log-in to our cloud-based service.



The Business Aviation MONITOR provides a global overview of business jet and turboprop flight activity.


The report is split into regional sections, with a global overview of trends in flight hours, landings and cycles in the last 18 months, and a broader context which compares business aviation trends to macro indicators.


Further chapters then describe business aviation flight activity for each of 6 global regions, including: month-month changes in activity and YOY change; breakdown of activity by segment; ranking of most popular aircraft; distribution by mission type; comparison of OEM platforms; highlight of busiest airports; display of busiest airport pairs.