The WINGX Monthly MONITOR provides a global overview of business jet and turboprop flight activity.
The report is split into regional sections, with a global overview of trends in flight hours, landings and cycles in the last 18 months, and a broader context which compares business aviation trends to macro indicators.
Further chapters then describe business aviation flight activity for each of 6 global regions, including: month-month changes in activity and YOY change; breakdown of activity by segment; ranking of most popular aircraft; distribution by mission type; comparison of OEM platforms; highlight of busiest airports; display of busiest airport pairs.

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  • Worldwide view of business aviation activity in month and YTD
  • Map showing headline traffic for each region
  • Region by Region analysis of flights, routes, fleet allocation mission type
  • Corona tracker correlating bizav to selective industry and macro trends
  • Map showing traffic within and from/to each region, state and airport