WINGX Operator Dashboard

The WINGX Operator Dashboard provides you with a monthly-updated dashboard that benchmarks your performance against your top competitors.  Happy with your performance but need a better handle on how this compares with your peers, including market share analysis and comparative fleet performance? This dashboard is for you.


  • Ranking versus your defined peer group


  • Market share evolution by country, US state, city pair, airport, aircraft segment, aircraft type and more


  • Fleet utilisation comparison, calendar heat map and your individual tail trends.

Intuitive design, easy to read data visualisation and support from WINGX friendly team of specialists.

Big data brought to life through easy to understand graphics. Both at home within the boardroom and the ops department.


WINGX Operator dashboard can be customised to your brand identity, seamlessly fitting in with your existing tech stack. Get in touch today for a demo to see it in action.

Gain an advantage through bespoke aviation business intelligence tools. Talk to us today about our customised dashboards.