WINGX Ukraine Tracker

The Ukraine crisis has followed swiftly on from the pandemic as a black swan event which has shocked the global geopolitics, economic stability and social interaction. The shockwaves are only just starting to materialise, but the impact on all forms of aviation is bound to be severe.


At WINGX, we are using our live tracking and proprietary processing and analysis of flight activity and fleet changes to identify and qualify emerging changes in aircraft utilisation. Initially our focus is specifically on outbound fixed-wing activity from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, the three most directly affected countries. Our Ukraine Tracker is measuring flight volumes and associated impact on such metrics as fuel, handling, and charters, from the regional view to individual operator analysis.


A few screenshots below will give you an impression of the dynamic dashboards, which will allow you to interrogate all the trends. If you would like to find out more, please contact us. 


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