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  • Only Тhe Air Charter Association (ACA) members have access to the Basic Version for free.

    Please note: Taxes might be applied at the end of the checkout.

  • Credit / Debit Card Information

  • Billing Details

  • If entered Company Name, this information will appear on the invoice, replacing the First and Last Name.

  • Your Purchase

  • Subtotal:
    Total Price:

(*) Asterisk denotes mandatory input information which needs to be created by you.

Once subscribed, you will be taken to your Account page, from which you will be able to click open your dashboard. Once logged in, you will be able to reopen your dashboard with the latest updated view from your Account page.

If you need help with your subscription, please send us a message below:


  • Subscribers have the option to subscribe to the FREE dashboard or the PAYING dashboard 
  • The FREE dashboard provides a high-level interactive analysis of global business aviation activity
  • The PAYING dashboard provides much more detail, for example interactive analysis of flight activity at country and airport levels, and aircraft type utilisation
  • Only ACA members can subscribe to the FREE dashboard
  • For subscription to the FREE dashboard, only name and company information is required; there is no fee. You do need to enter the allocated ACA code.
  • For subscription to the PAYING dashboard, you need to make a payment (discounted for ACA members).
  • The subscription for the PAYING dashboard needs to be made by credit card, corresponding to one month pre-paid value.  
  • Besides the subscription fee, there may be taxes added to the fee, depending on the subscriber’s payment method and country.
  • Registration for the PAYING dashboard requires adding your billing info.
  • If you are VAT registered company in the EU you should choose your country in the Billing info section and then submit your VAT number as VAT may be waived for your company in this case. An online validation will confirm this once you submit your VAT number.  
  • The subscription starts on the date it was created and will renew automatically each month on the same date, unless cancelled.
  • The subscription can be cancelled at any time. If cancelled, the subscriber will retain access until the end of the current subscription cycle. That month’s subscription fee will not be reimbursed, but fees for further months will not be charged automatically.
  • If a subscriber subscribes to the FREE dashboard and wants to upgrade to the PAYING dashboard, they need to click on UPGRADE on the Account Page (following subscription).
  • Once you have logged into the dashboard, we recommend that you use Google Chrome as your browser. We have noted that the UX on the dashboard can be sub-optimal on Safari browsers
  • In order to get a preview of the content, scope, functionality and underlying insights in the PAYING Tracker, please see here.  In order to get a preview of the FREE Tracker, please see here.



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