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19 May 2020
Private aviation, just like its commercial counterparts, has suffered from an unprecedented lull in demand due to the coronavirus pandemic. Activity levels for business aircraft are only a third of what they were at the same time last year, according to WingX Advance, an aviation research firm. Long-range business jets were the hardest hit, down 40 percent year over year.
The world of private travel offers social distancing in the sky — at a premium
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19 May 2020
Anteil der Business Aviation gestiegen Eine Statistik der Wingx Advance zeigt allerdingsin der Tat, dass der Anteil des Business-Aviation-Verkehrs in der Luftfahrt seit dem Anfang der Corona-Krise im Januar tatsächlich deutlich zugenommen hat. So lag der Marktanteil in Deutschland im Januar bei rund zehn Prozent. Ende April ist der Anteil auf bis zu 30 Prozent angewachsen. Allerdings bedeutet ein steigender Marktanteil in einem insgesamt einbrechenden Gesamtmarkt nicht automatisch einen Zuwachs.
Business Aviation spürt deutliche Corona-Auswirkungen
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17 May 2020
Data released from two prominent researchers back up the thesis that a recovery has started. In the first case, after seeing private flights fall 70% in April, WingX said they were only off 58% in the first two weeks of May.
60 Days That Changed How We Think About Private Jets
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15 May 2020
AERO INTERNATIONAL 6/2020 – Business Aviation Special
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14 May 2020
According to data released today by WingX Advance, global business aviation activity is down 58 percent month-to-date versus last year, but is still better than the 70 percent decline recorded in April. Notably, there has been a consistent increase in the seven-day average daily activity since mid-April, and it is now trending at 5,900 flights per day worldwide.
WingX: Global Bizav Traffic Continues Climbout
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12 May 2020
But then lockdown happened and private jet flights dropped 70% in the month between mid-March and mid-April, according to data from WingX, which tracks business aviation. That is now being reversed, says Wingx, with the number of private jet flights etching up daily.
Rich Start Spending As Lockdown Lifts; Here’s What They’re Buying
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10 May 2020
Overseas travel is out of bounds for most people, but not those with access to a private jet. Last month there were 162 arrivals into Ireland by private plane and 159 departures, according to airline consultancy WingX.
Private jets fly into Ireland around pandemic travel curbs
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7 May 2020
“This recovery in business aviation activity is far more perceptible than in scheduled airlines,” noted WingX managing director Richard Koe.
WingX: Bizav Flight Activity Awakening from Slumbe
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6 May 2020
Dassault Falcon Jet has instituted "rolling furloughs" at its aircraft completion center at Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport/Adams Field.
Dassault Falcon in Little Rock scales back
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