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18 Sep 2020
Summer is coming
WINGX says that European movements were down 6% for the first two weeks of September compared with 2019. The US, which typically has a stronger third quarter, is down 13%. But this could improve as the markets move up.
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15 Sep 2020
US Labor Day proves a damp squib for private flights
According to WingX's weekly Global Market Tracker, 90,000 business jet and turboprop flights have been operated in the first eight days of September, an eight per cent decline versus the same period in September 2019 and a deficit of around 7,000 flights. Comparing the last eight days with comparable days in 2019, the delta is twice as large at just under 16 per cent YOY. The most recent rolling seven-day average is 11,273 daily flight departures, down from the post-March high point of 11,728 flights, but well above the April trough of 3,500 flights per day. Since 1 March, global business aviation flights are down 35 per cent compared to last year. This trend is still far more resilient than scheduled aviation, which is 64 per cent behind last year's activity since March and still 57 per cent off so far this month.
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9 Sep 2020
Two Views On The Private Jet Recovery
In Europe, August flying was actually 3% ahead of last year’s numbers WingX data shows. Pent-up demand, they say.
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8 Sep 2020
Whilst, Richard Koe, founder, WINGX, said the investment comes as good news for the business aviation industry challenged by Covid-19, it was not without significant risk he told Corporate Jet Investor.
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8 Sep 2020
Citi Research: Quotes of the Week
WINGX featured in the latest commentary from industry leaders from Citi Reseach
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7 Sep 2020
Business Aviation Market Overview – September 2020
The figure for July and the start of August was 18% shy of the activity for the same period in 2019 and, according to WingX, the trend hasn’t been smooth, with some relapse in the second half of July before renewed recovery at the end.
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5 Sep 2020
Private aviation bounces back from lockdown
According to WingX, a group which monitors private air travel, activity is still down some 34 percent since March compared with the same period last year. But the figure for commercial airlines is 75 percent...
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4 Sep 2020
European Bizav Traffic Sees Uptick in August
European business aviation activity saw a strong rebound in August, with traffic levels up by three percent over the same period in 2019, according to the latest statistics from industry data provider WingX Advance. The company noted, however, the total flight hours were down, evidence of the trend of shorter flights seen throughout the recovery.
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27 Aug 2020
Liz catches up with Richard Koe in our latest Co-Vid series
Liz asks Richard six questions about the current situation in the business aviation market. In particular Richard shares on 'big data' which really is his area of expertise. He also tells us about what he finds motivating and inspirational. Right now he is taking a daily 10m dive into the chilly waters of his local lake in Switzerland. Definitely not for the faint-hearted!
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