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22 Feb 2021
Florida sets the flying standard while Europe is way down
According to WingX's weekly Global Market Tracker, cargo activity continues to increase YOY. European activity is weakest, with commercial airline activity down by 68 per cent in February and business aviation flights sliding by 22 per cent. Business aviation trends continue to diverge widely from region to region, with North America 10 per cent below YOY, Asia just one per cent under, flights in Africa down by eight per cent and activity up in South America and Oceania.
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13 Feb 2021
While commercial planes stay still, private jets fly high
Richard Koe, the managing director of WingX, said the private jet sector – also referred to as business aviation – offered “an on-call and convenient means of connectivity, essential as gaps appear in the scheduled networks.”
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11 Feb 2021
Bizav Traffic Fumbles for Big Game in Tampa
WingX noted that last year, 80 percent of the visitors arrived from out of state, with 250 international arrivals, 100 of which were large jets. This year, more than half of the arrivals came from within Florida.
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11 Feb 2021
The pandemic has hurt corporate jets less than commercial ones
The number of flights undertaken by scheduled airlines was down by 49% in 2020 on a year earlier whereas business flights were down by only 24%, according to WingX, a private-aviation data firm.
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8 Feb 2021
Rival bidders join forces to acquire Signature Aviation
According to aviation data specialist WINGX, the number of business jets in operation globally was down just 9 per cent year on year in January, versus a 50 per cent year-on-year decline for passenger aircraft.
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5 Feb 2021
Bill Gates Joins Private-Equity Firms in $4.7 Billion Deal for Private-Jet Company
Private-jet travel is booming amid travel restrictions and flight groundings for commercial airlines
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28 Jan 2021
Knight Frank World Wealth Report
Meanwhile, some 5,000 private jets from around 85 different countries land in Barcelona in a typical year, up from fewer than 4,500 five years ago, according to data from aviation analyst Wing X.
21 Jan 2021
Wealthy UK flyers opt for private jets to evade Covid lockdowns
While the number of commercial flights from the UK has dropped by three-quarters since the start of the pandemic, private flights are down only 42% compared with 2019, according to the aviation consultancy WingX.
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13 Jan 2021
Private Jet Flights Are Included In New U.S. COVID-19 Testing Requirements
Over the holidays, international private jet flights had been picking up. Flights from the U.S. to Antigua jumped 70%, while Turks and Caicos flights increased 41%, Saint Martin saw a 32% jump, and Mexico flights surged 17%, according to data from WingX.
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