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19 Jan 2019
Private Jet Card Comparisons
WingX records a mixed bag for European private jet travel in 2018

For the full year 2018, 13 of the 20 largest markets in Europe were up, although, of the biggest, only Germany and Spain got robust growth, according to a press release from WingX. Activity has clearly slowed in the second half in UK, France, Italy. The biggest declines, according to WingX came from Russia and Turkey.

In December Large Jet activity was sharply down falling by 6% year over year (YOY), with biggest declines in France, Germany, Switzerland, and Sweden. Small and Midsize Jet traffic also declined to drop 3%. Large and Small Jets showed fully year trends of around 1.5% growth. Flight activity within Europe was flat in December, with a big gain in arrivals from North America and a drop-off in flights from Africa, CIS region, Middle East.

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20 Nov 2018
EBAA - Press Statement/Press Release

Brussels, Belgium. The EBAA is today launching an interactive Business Aviation Market Dashboard available to EBAA Members on the EBAA website.

In collaboration with WINGX, the Market Intelligence Provider, EBAA has launched a dashboard which captures Business Aviation flight activity, active fleet size and composition, and airports, as well as the economic value and employment generated by the industry across each and all member countries.

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17 Nov 2018
Cristobal Aircraft Brokerage
Bizav Flight Activity in Europe Continues Ascent

Business aircraft departures in Europe climbed 2.9 percent year-over-year, to 79,280, last month, according to data from WingX Advance. Year-to-date, flight activity in the region is up 3.6 percent from a year ago.

All of the leading markets saw gains; Germany, the UK and Italy logged “modest” increases while France experienced 3 percent growth and Switzerland surged by 8 percent. Smaller markets with strong growth included Greece, with flights rising 14 percent, and Turkey, where flight activity soared by 10 percent year-over-year. There was a small decline in Norway, while flights in Ireland and Croatia fell 6 percent and 8 percent, respectively, from a year ago.

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15 Nov 2018
Fifty Sky Shades
2nd Annual Iberian Peninsula Business Aviation Conference

Co-Chaired by: Oscar Garcia, Chairman and CEO InterFlight Global Corporation and IFG Capital
Richard Koe, WINGX

The territory’s countries; Spain, Portugal, Andorra and the British colony of Gibraltar, have experienced invigorated growth since our conference last year. Several professional working groups have been formed, and in general the talk-on-the-runways points at further and greater business aviation developments, opportunities and profitable growth.

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12 Nov 2018
European Business Aviation Departures Rise In October

European Business Aviation Departures Rise In October

​Business aviation departures in Europe totaled 77,197 in October, up 5% from a year ago and 12% from October 2016, according to WingX Advance. But departures remain down from their 2007 peak. Business jet activity totaled 60% of the flights. The top six European markets grew during the month, with flights up the most in Germany.

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8 Nov 2018
European Bizav Logs October Increase

European airports saw 77,197 business aviation departures last month, an increase of 5 percent year-over-year, according to the statistics released today by Germany-based data provider WingX Advance. Of the six top markets, Germany saw the largest increase in departures for the month, up 8 percent from last October, followed by the UK at 3 percent, France and Switzerland at 5 percent each, and Spain at 11 percent, while Italian departures saw nominal growth.

In October, jets constituted 60 percent of the business aviation flights, and jet activity was up 4 percent year-over-year, led by the super-light and super-midsize segments, which gained 9 percent and 12 percent, respectively. Large jet flights increased by 1 percent.

Last month, business aviation flights within Europe rose by 4.9 percent year-over-year, while transatlantic departures were up by 10 percent. Overall, year-to-date European business aircraft activity is up by 3.2 percent.

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6 Nov 2018
Business Airport International
London Biggin Hill Airport partners with WingX

London Biggin Hill has expanded its partnership with WingX by utilizing the market intelligence company’s new Airport Dashboard.

The WingX dashboards will form part of London Biggin Hill’s marketing strategy, which includes increasing the airport’s market share in intercontinental activity.

Andy Patsalides, marketing manager at London Biggin Hill, said, “WingX has long played an important role in our growth story by highlighting key market insights and associated commercial opportunities. The WingX dashboard upgrades this capability by giving us an interactive portal to the fleet disposition and activity of all our current and prospective customers.

“Last month, we saw from WingX that whilst the overall trend in market growth is around 3%, London Biggin Hill is seeing more than 15% growth, with +39% YOY in large business jet activity.

“This clearly demonstrates we are ably delivering the message around our extended operating hours and our speedy connection to Central London. The focus now afforded by WingX will enable us to continue this upward trend.”

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1 Nov 2018
Business Aviation Market Overview

WingX reported 83,848 Business Aviation departures in Europe during September, representing a 4% growth YoY, slightly ahead of the YTD trend.

Overall, 63% of September’s activity was jet-operated, which is a 3% increase YoY, and over the last twelve months, the strongest trend is in the Medium jet category.

The UK and Switzerland experienced slight declines in departures in September, although both have YTD trends of around +3%. France and Germany enjoyed solid growth of ~5%, though the strongest growth among the larger markets came from Italy and Spain at 7% and 9% respectively.

Some of the smaller markets also experienced strong growth in September, with Business Aviation activity up by 10% in The Netherlands and Ireland; 22% in Croatia; and 60% out of Finland (mainly Turboprop and Piston). Flights out of Turkey, however, slumped -15%.

Flights operated within Europe were up 4% in September, and flights to North America bounced back with a 5% YoY increase (against a 1% YTD decline). Flights to the Middle East dropped off -20% and trail -11% YTD, while flights to Africa are trending up by 8% YTD.

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30 Oct 2018
Flying private in a digital world

Moves to make private aviation more accessible and transparent are welcomed by industry observers. “The business aviation fleet has always had very poor utilisation and an online market place is bound to replicate disruption seen in other industries, matching real-time supply and demand,” says Richard Koe, managing director at WingX Advance, which provides technology-based market intelligence to the global business aviation industry.

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