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Past events WINGX attended

Business Aviation 2030
30 April 2019, No.4 Hamilton Place

Despite global economic and political uncertainty, Business Aviation looks set to experience robust growth as the industry and its professionals continue to evolve and adapt.

The Royal Aeronautical Society will once again bring together members from across the Business Aviation sector to explore the trends, challenges, changing regulations and future demands the industry faces.

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NBAA 2019 Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference
National Business Aviation Association

Jan. 29 – Feb. 1, 2019 in San Antonio, TX

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Malta Business Aviation Conference
Date: 27th March 2019 Location: Valletta, Malta

Malta Business Aviation Conference chaired by Richard Koe.

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Digitising business aviation


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EBACE Seminar May 2018
Business Aviation: State of the Industry

Business Aviation: State of the Industry
Hall 3, Room Q
Moderator: Juergen Wiese, EBAA
Richard Koe, WingX Advance
Rolland Vincent, JETNET iQ
Joe Sultana, ECTL Network Manager
Oliver King, Avinode

Is the current market “the new normal” or will there be a major recovery in the business aircraft market? With the latest survey data on market sentiments and perspectives on aircraft operations/trends (with a 6% BizAv traffic increase over 2016), this session will offer unique insights into current and future market conditions.

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The Future of Business Aviation

The Last 10 Years

Richard Koe, Managing Director, WINGX

Richard Koe is Managing Director of WINGX Advance GmbH. WINGX, based in Germany and founded in 2011, provides Business Intelligence for the global private jet market. WINGX researches and tracks market data, from which we build analytics to assist our customers in their decision making. Our customers span the entire industry supply chain, from airports, operators and manufacturers to industry investors and financial analysts. Richard has a background in sales, business development and strategy, in the business aviation sector and previously in telecom and manufacturing industries. He has a Batchelor degree from Oxford University and a Masters from Johns Hopkins University

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Facebook Nasdaq

Richard Koe of WingX describes best practices for managing complex data in the competitive business aviation industry.

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Corporate Jet Investor – London
30 Jan 2018

How new technologies benefit users and operators.

Connecting suppliers.
How will different parts of the industry be disrupted?
Can technology underpin operators’ efforts to achieve economies of scale?

Richard moderated the panel.

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Corporate Jet Investor Jan-2018
Digitising business aviation

An overwhelming 80% of delegates voted that there are too many investors chasing the biz av digitisation market.

Jonny Nicol (Stratajet) believes that game changing technology is already in play within the industry.

Some 32% of delegates believe that the business aviation industry will be digitised, with 29% thinking it will become digitalized.

Up next, a hot topic – Digitising business Aviation.

Moderated by Richard Koe of wingxbizav the panel will discuss how new technologies can benefit users and operators, how we can better connect suppliers, and which parts of the industry will be disrupted.

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SETOps Conference – London
29 Sep 2017

Richard made the opening address to the conference, and also featured in the panel on commercial opportunities for single engine charter in Europe.

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